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The Brotherhood of Light

Traveling Spiritually

Spiritual travel or soul travel is partial mysticism - visiting the intermediate realms but not attaining the religious goal. The Brotherhood of Light supports people who have spiritual goals, and spiritual travel is a method for attaining such goals.

The person interested in traveling spiritually needs to develop a control mechanism for travel. First, the individual needs to be able to escape the identification with the physical body - to dissolve the barrier separating the lower and higher selves. Yogic concentration can do this, or the barrier can be melted away by sheer will. A tunnel or vortex can be visualized and the individual can enter and pass through it, and this can have the same effect. This process is sometimes called opening the door, or opening the third eye.

Then, once you have access to travel, you must determine where to go and how to get there. Mantras and light visualization can work in a general way for higher worlds, but if you want to go to a specific place in the intermediate realms, you need a way to symbolize and specify that precise location.

Each person and place has a kind of karmic after-image or identifier. This is an alternative form of the place or person where you see only the karma as organized into patterns, and not the physical form. The person in meditation must be able to shift his or her perceptions to perceive the underlying karmic structure rather than the person or place.

Certain drugs do this by creating a beautiful and decorative set of karmic images and geometrical patterns, but the individual needs to be able to do this without the use of drugs. This is not only because they are illegal but also because it is a limitation on the individual's freedom and mental power to be dependent on an external substance such as a drug.

The image of a great wheel or gear opening the world of the spirit is often seen. However, it can also open up the lower world, the realms of desire and frustration, and the traveler must avoid these areas. Using or visualizing a square or triangle mandala-like form is a more secure way to travel.

The physical world may also be made into a background, or made to appear flat by use of visualization. If the world is imagined as a dark blue velvet sky, or the ocean depths, or a vivid sunset, this pulls the imagination away from the physical object. Both mind and heart must guide the soul towards spiritual goals and objects - beings, worlds, and revelations of light.

Traveling Spiritually Using
Sound and Light

The purpose of the spiritual area of the Brotherhood of Light is to provide a place where people can learn to travel by means of light and sound. When the person dies, and the soul is freed of earthly dress, a variety of things might happen. It may be weighed down by bad karma or sin, and taken off for punishment. It may be full of light and joy, and may be welcomed into a paradise. Or it may end up in the uncertainty of the astral realms, where good and bad balance each other, and there is no clear and strong will. Some of the uncertain will meet with us, and we will help them and council them. Most will go on their way to new lives.

However, some choose to stay and learn, and we are willing to teach them. In the spiritual area, we teach them about the many worlds that the soul may enter, and also how to travel in the soul body.

Souls have many layers or bodies one inside the other like a set of Russian dolls. The personality may identify with any of these bodies, and travel in that body through the world that that body inhabits. People have access to many worlds, but they need to know how to focus upon certain bodies and place the others in the background. This can occur spontaneously but often it is a learned skill. As different bodies are associated with various sounds and forms of light, meditation upon musical sound and mantras, and also different colors and intensities of light can move the attention from one locale to another.

Attention is very important for spiritual travel. When the senses are withdrawn from the world and the person looks inward, the mind is often disordered, and ideas rise randomly and chaotically to the surface, each one fighting for attention. Desire, memory, appetite, questioning, attraction and repulsion all seek to gain attention. The seeker must suppress all of these, and one way to do this is by meditating on light and sound. Harp and flute are good beginning sounds, as are thunder and the buzzing of bees. Contemplating memories of light like a sunrise, a comet flashing in the night, a candle flame, or even fireflies are a way to begin meditation on light. These inner sensations grow larger until the soul rides the crashing waves of the light and sound of infinity.

The traveler is a studier of worlds, but he or she must retain humility. Pride causes the individual to be attached to physical objects dragging him or her down. Love is needed for that which is higher.

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