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The Brotherhood of Light


The original founding members of the Brotherhood of Light come from many different backgrounds, and share the common goal of helping suffering beings. The brotherhood is run democratically, by voting and having representatives come together and discuss issues. The meeting room is arranged in concentric circles of seats, colored deep purple in the outer ring, through deep blue, then light blue, and finally white closest to the center.

We will note here that until recently, the origins of the organization were left intentionally vague because the founders come from diverse religious backgrounds many of which do not relate directly to the organization's present structure and philosophy. The founders also wish to remain anonymous to avoid the cults of personality and status that often arise when people focus on names, biographies, and personal histories.

However almost twenty years after the Temples of Wisdom site was created, the organization permitted the addition of some biographical data on Rebazar Tarzs, one of the principle founders of the Brotherhood. So a new page was added to give more details on the history of the organization and how it came to survive the transition from an earthly monastery to a way station for the dying in the spiritual world.

The brotherhood of light has tried to avoid the hierarchies of power which sometimes lead to the corruption of spiritual traditions in the nonphysical worlds. Instead, the power is distributed among many different members. The brotherhood is divided up into various committees. There are judges of karma, negotiators, and diplomats who interact with different cultures. There are organizers of classes, lectures and seminars, and consultants who discuss with the members which skills are most needed. There is a staff of visualizers who are responsible for the maintenance of the grounds, and any additions of natural landscape and architecture. There is a committee for growth and development, which oversees the current state of the haven for wayfarers or visitors, and makes policy for future direction and growth.

For instance, this committee plans to introduce an emergency response team in the near future to deal with mass deaths and violent passages, and a special counseling section for the mad, and another section for the traumatized and alienated. The rise of organized rape and mutilation as tools of war in both Eastern Europe and central Africa, and the mass hatred in the Middle East and North Africa means that there has been and will continue to be massive trauma associated with death in these areas. The brotherhood will adapt and try to respond to these new situations to the best of their abilities.

The organization is much like a spiritual university, with social obligations. It brings together souls with skills that were not forgotten at death, and creates a place for the lost and lonely dead.

If one wished to draw an organizational chart, it would not be a tall mountain or contain an aristocracy. Instead, it would be a collection of overlapping circles, with each group trying to help the others. Both power and responsibility are distributed.

There were about a dozen original founders, and numerous sub-founders, helpers, counselors, teachers, guardians, visualizers, artists, and guides. They all meet to discuss policy. In fact one of their recent discussions centered around how much information to present about their organization to the outside world. The members are not gods but beings dedicated to helping those in pain.

Introduction | History | Organization | Grounds | Death, Reincarnation, and Karma | Courses | Traveling Spiritually | Counseling | Dreams | Visiting | Reincarnation Counseling | The Brotherhood and Defense | Rebazar Tarz - Founder of the Brotherhood | Conclusion


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