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The Brotherhood of Light

Reincarnation Counseling

Understanding the complexities of death and the process of reincarnation, and providing guidance is a unique challenge to gurus, psychics, shamans, and psychopomps - the guides for the dead in older cultures such as ancient Greece and Egypt.

In certain instances, the Brotherhood will help guide souls in this process.

In one example case, the Brotherhood was willing to help guide a specific soul.

The Brotherhood's counselors can set sail in their ships on the dark, stormy seas of death with their deep royal blue waters. They go on rescue missions to assist souls who have died. Many of the group of souls they describe as the "lost and lonely dead" had limited spiritual knowledge or interest in life but are open to learning.

In a typical area of the worlds that are encountered by more materially-focused or conflicted souls who have recently died, many floating, desperate and confused souls are pushed by winds and waves, frightened by lightning, speaking incoherently, and screaming for help.

There are endless souls in endless waves, with lightning and thunder and storms to stir the waters. It is difficult to separate them one from another. The counselors sometimes search by calling names, and see who comes to the surface. Sometimes the dark and deep waters throw souls into the hell worlds or move them on to a new incarnation.

In one situation, the members of the brotherhood saw a soul that looked like a blue jewel, and watched as what looked like black seaweed pulled the soul under. In this instance, they decided to rescue her because her heart looked like a jewel despite her evil surroundings

The brotherhood has singers on board their ship and their songs lull the soul to sleep. They then catch it in their nets of golden cloth and take the soul on board. They bring these souls back to the Temples of Wisdom, and then to the healing center for purification once they awaken.

The brotherhood describes these distressed souls as being caught in "muck" as they float in this unfamiliar, alien space. The muck consists of normally unconscious desires which are no longer hidden, fear, confusion, anger at death, memories of physical pain, and the stubborn refusal to accept their death.

Strong souls with spiritual goals can fight against these confusing forces and memories. They can create a stable identity or new visualized body which can rise above this muck. They are like young birds breaking out of their shells and becoming aware of their surroundings. They slowly develop skills at orienting themselves.

Weaker souls who are not fortunate enough to find help and guidance are usually overwhelmed and can get trapped by this muck. For these souls, the Brotherhood's counselors can act like midwives welcoming and assisting them as they are born into the new world of the afterlife.

One soul the Brotherhood chose to rescue died of cancer at a hospital in a small California coastal city. The person experienced fear and a series of distorted memories following her death. She was located and brought to the Temples of Wisdom.

After this individual calmed down so she could concentrate on her environment, she was able to see a garden-like environment around her which is the Brotherhood of Light's waiting room. The waiting room contains a series of stone arches in a garden of bright flowers, slate walkways and marble fountains. When seeing the environment, she wondered if she had really died.

At that point, one of the Brotherhood's counselors came and greeted her. He told her that she was indeed dead and one of the fortunate ones who came to a place of kind helpers and guides. She asked how she got there, and was told that someone who knew of the Brotherhood asked that they help her following her death.

The counselor then suggested that she imagine how she looked when she was most beautiful and brought her to a still lake where she could see her reflection. He told her to look into the water and imagine herself dressed in her favorite clothing. She was almost 100 years old at her death but imagined herself as young and blond dressed in a short skirt that showed her legs - sassy, sweet, and modern. The image was strong enough to remain with her during her entire time at the Brotherhood's way station.

The counselor then asked about her future and gave her various options. In general terms of what would happen next, he told her she could live for a while with other souls in a community, she could return to earth immediately, or stay at the garden for a longer period and consider her options for the future. She asked for time to think and was granted it.

She later asked, "Can I be rich on earth?" He told her that her past karma would allow her to be born in a wealthy family but that she would have health problems in middle age in her new life. She said, "Money cures everything, I'll take that life". He asked her, "What about past relatives and friends?" (i.e., would she like to meet them again?). She said, "What's past is past. I want the future. I want an old and well-known family, with summer houses". The counselor responded, "It will be done".

This soul was basically blind to spiritual issues and it is inappropriate to impose spirituality on a person who is not ready. The Brotherhood takes people as they are without judging them, and tries to help them in whatever way possible.

During her previous life in the United States, the women's family was fairly well off, but the family had experienced generations of poverty and some persecution previously in Europe. She had also resented the burden of raising children which she had to support after her husband's death left her with fewer financial resources.

When people die with resentment and unfulfilled desires, these often rise to the surface after death. In this case, desires for wealth and status became her primary concerns. The counselor found a situation which would incorporate both her desires and her past karma. However it would not exist for several years. She was placed in the Brotherhood's dream area where she could contemplate her desires until the time of her new incarnation.

Her new life would be in an old family in Europe with houses falling into disrepair that still had money. She will be pretty and blond but she will have health problems, liver and kidney weakness probably in her 30's. She will have a wild youth with expensive fashions and cameramen following her around on her lavish vacations. But she will spend decades in bed where she will go crazy with boredom, and eventually begin to read books. Though her body will disintegrate, her mind will be improving and she will finally develop spiritual interests.

Reincarnation and Its Complexities

Here the important question that arises is: "How does the Brotherhood assist getting souls who have died into new bodies?"

Using the above woman as an example, her spiritual karma was small but her desires were great. This means she belongs in an earthly body rather than in some spiritual world. Ideally, she would incarnate in a situation where her earthly desires might be satisfied which would also allow her to grow spiritually. But such an incarnation might not be immediately available.

The Brotherhood has the equivalent of a computer data bank except it is composed of consciousness and karmic memories instead of stored binary data, circuits, and physical memory chips. The counselor can enter certain requirements and also information describing past karma. Psychics sometimes refer to something similar as the Akashic Records which are as good a label as any but the Brotherhood refers to it as the "Karma Bank".

Coordinates in time and space are identified and recorded for the pathways and echoing of karmic waves (a vague statement that may be difficult to interpret but such details are challenging to explain in words). The person's past history influences the analysis in one direction, and desires for the future pull it in another direction. Eventually, a specific time, place, family, and gender fulfill the two sets of requirements. This is the chosen new life.

If the specific life is in the future, the soul is brought to the dream garden. Here it rests with no new karma created. The soul sleeps and its fantasies dance and shift within individual dream bubbles. Past memories of events drift by and the soul may analyze these to gain increased understanding of its development. The events may also be changed to create their ideal outcome with the dreamer cast as a hero who is brave or attractive and desired by others.

When the time comes for reincarnation, the soul is awakened and brought to the Brotherhood's incarnation chamber. Here the Brotherhood has the tunnel which brings the soul to the new body. The Karma Bank verifies the new incarnation. The soul's karma is brought to the surface and the illusory, visualized body drifts away like smoke. The soul is called into its new home in the developing body of the fetus.

The soul does not enter at the moment of conception. As the fetus develops, it grows a place within the mind in which the soul will reside. It must be fairly developed for this place to be formed, and to be capable of calling down and containing the soul. It usually takes an estimated 6 months but some fetuses develop faster.

The soul slides down the tunnel and rests in the place within the mind of the fetus, not a God-shaped hole in the heart but a soul-shaped hole in the brain. It rests there infusing the body with individual consciousness, like a slow wind penetrating and flowing through the cells of the new body. There is a resonance between the soul's karmic history and the body's structure and programming. The soul remains unconscious during this time.

This page has been an effort to show how the Brotherhood can sometimes assist souls in the process of reincarnation as part of a compassionate effort to aid souls during their spiritual evolution. However as mentioned previously, the Brotherhood focuses primarily on other forms of counseling and education.

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