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The Brotherhood of Light


The courses given at the Temples of Wisdom may be given in indoor environments, often in auditoriums or in outdoor environments. Because the environment is mind-created, the weather is always suitable outside for classes and meditation. Outside courses are held in shrines or gazebos, or under trees, or at scenic places in the mountains.

The courses include such topics as death, rebirth, manipulation of karma, dreams, the role of music in spiritual growth, philosophies of the soul, light sculpture, visualization of worlds and environments, spiritual healing, spiritual geographies and maps of afterlife worlds, spiritual bodies and their structure, how to become aware of and work with unconscious ideas, and comparative religion and spirituality. There are courses in psychology, human and vertebrate evolution, spiritual travel narratives (writing travelogues), and techniques for communication between different species and cultures. There are also courses in the arts consisting of spiritual poetry, imagery, music, dance, and drama.

The most recent set of courses offered are:

  • Techniques of separating the soul and the body
  • Moving the soul into new worlds and objects
  • Evolution of the soul - developing higher bodies and dropping lower ones
  • Soul travel in formed and formless realms
  • The soul and spiritual light - the relationship between the two
  • How to deal with [or counsel] lost souls
  • How to deal with insane or violent souls
  • How to deal with intense emotion in the soul, especially grief and anger
  • Processes of reincarnation and transcendence
  • Rebirth and religion - the role of gods and heavens
  • There is much to learn.

    Some teachers are hermits, who spend their lives in meditation, and, for short courses, will share their knowledge with others. Some teachers are monastics who live together in an order and follows its rules, and teach from that perspective. Most teachers are lay people who have not taken vows, but who have chosen to help others before they enter the formless spiritual realms, as an act of service.

    There are also guest speakers who do not dwell with the brotherhood, but have chosen to visit. They can share specific knowledge with students from their worlds and backgrounds in research and experience.

    The teachers do not speak, but rather project thoughts of radiance. A whole sequence of thoughts can be absorbed at once, and separated and understood later. The courses are not taught on a schedule. Their timing depends on when teachers or visitors are inspired to teach others, as an act of service or compassion. Each course is publicly announced, and the interested people come.

    Most courses are brief because the information is compressed in light forms that look something like the balls on a Christmas tree. These come in radiant beams and waves from the instructor, and enter the minds and hearts of the students. Each idea can shed its outer layer to reveal a complex set of inner relationships inside - feelings, intuitions, questions, responses, values, and similarities and differences. These create memory structures, a bit like geometrical Christmas trees, except that they are tree structures of ideas. They add to the shining crystalline aspect of the self, as the compassionate and emotional contributes to its organic aspect.

    The light of the ideas presented in these courses shines brightly while the waves of compassion shimmer and have colors with tints and shades (the three color groups are [1] orange, peach, and white, [2] azure, cerulean, and royal blue, and [3] turquoise, deep emerald and leaf green).

    There are many charitable organizations with different emphases. The Brotherhood of Light focuses on helping souls who are lost, confused, or bound. Others study spiritual growth, and build worlds that are way stations like the Temples of Wisdom, analyze consciousness from a variety of perspectives, and compare souls and worlds using a variety of themes.

    The Brotherhood of Light welcomes all who bring knowledge and good will.

    Introduction | History | Organization | Grounds | Death, Reincarnation, and Karma | Courses | Traveling Spiritually | Counseling | Dreams | Visiting | Reincarnation Counseling | The Brotherhood's Visualization Studio | Rebazar Tarzs - Founder of the Brotherhood | The Brotherhood and Defense | Conclusion


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