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The Brotherhood of Light


The healing section was one of the first developed by the Brotherhood of Light. It seemed obvious to them that one of the basic acts of compassion was to heal people from mental and emotional pain, loss, fear, grief, and sorrow. They developed classes on how to deal with painful emotion, and brought in consultants for specialized types of healing.

Some healing methods, such as separation and immobilization of traumas with repeating effects, were developed by them. Others, such as the rare cases requiring exorcism and direct spiritual intervention, were learned from others.

The beginning of healing is often difficult, for when defenses of survival drop away following death, the intense emotions flare up - grief, anger, fear, envy, and greed. The individual is in a maelstrom of emotion, and cannot concentrate or find balance. He or she is pushed and pulled by these forces, which dominate the will.

When a person enters who is deeply in need of healing, he is bound to a gurney, and taken to the temple of healing. Entering through the gate of the golden rising sun, the problem is analyzed by the diagnostic counselors, and the patient is referred to specialists. Some specialists work with trauma, others with addiction and emotional bondage, others with extreme alienating emotions, and others with the inability to organize thoughts (often a result of degenerative physical illness).

Counselors can describe the problems to the soul, and give options for dealing with them. Healthier souls will choose one of the options. Unhealthy souls may deny there are problems, and refuse treatment. If that denial is strong enough, the counselors may determine that the individual cannot be helped by them, and the patient will be returned to their earlier state of wandering. This is rare for counselors normally allow entry for only those souls who appear open to learning and growth.

Some spiritual healing is more like an operation - something analogous to a cancerous growth must be removed. Some problems are so powerful that they become almost like living beings, developing defenses and survival tactics. This is seen in the case of multiple personality where traumas develop separate identities and ego defenses. When they become strong enough to temporarily dominate the central personality, they must be removed and relocated to a place where they can do no harm. Dealing with them is the spiritual equivalent of a surgical operation.

Healing and restoration is done in an atmosphere of growth and nurturing. The soul is given a room facing the mountains, where starlight is bright and reflects upon the water of a lake. There are plants, flowers, books on comfort and happiness, and pictures representing birth, growth, and beauty. For a few hours each day, quiet music plays, along with the sounds of distant bells, chimes, and harps.

The counselors speak of hope, faith, and new beginnings.

Introduction | History | Organization | Grounds | Death, Reincarnation, and Karma | Courses | Traveling Spiritually | Counseling | Dreams | Visiting | Conclusion


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